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Let the Demo Begin: Post Sandy Day 87

The dumpster arrived yesterday.


Eric, our contractor, has survived several meetings with me, Ira and the dogs, discussing endless insurance and bank paperwork, applications, guidelines and loopholes, and debating roof lines and kitchen layouts.

Kitchen Layout

Finally, Let There Be Action:

Demo Day 1

Nothing like two dudes (aka Paul and James) suited up in matching Carhart Work Overalls using their brute strength to destroy a wall of your house to start the morning.  Who needs coffee?

OK, so I need to work on my 9am TV Hosting Skills.  Maybe a little coffee would be helpful. Here’s another one for your viewing pleasure.  Courtesy of iPhone 3G Cinematography.

And now I need to go help these guys.  The electrician just showed up, and I need to make sure everything is out of the kitchen before sledgehammers are wielded.

To be continued…

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One thought on “Let the Demo Begin: Post Sandy Day 87

  1. woooo hoooo! progress! can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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