Rock and Roll Yogi

sonic wisdom, stories, sojourns from an artist rocker writer


Greetings. Welcome to the blog Rock and Roll Yogi – in human form, also known as Katie Elevitch.

Portrait by Tal Foto

Portrait by Tal Foto

I am a singer-songwriter, yoga teacher, house renovator, writer, thinker, animal lover, suburban-city-country explorer, outsider, insider, non-hipster, authentic life creator.

I created Rock and Roll Yogi – the blog – as a way to integrate my many communities, activities, creations and passions into one streamlined platform to share my process via writings, images, sound and video.

There will be humor, there will be wisdom, there will be yoga-isms, there will be music scene-isms.  There will be random-isms about partnership, home making, and life with too much animal hair and not enough vacuuming.

I will explore music and art making, yoga doing and teaching, travel and adventures.  In short: I will bring the rock and roll to yoga and the yoga to rock and roll.

Its about mixing it up, not really fitting in anywhere, coming back to the breath (um, what else is there?), channeling it all through song and sound.

Its about just being myself.  And I do recommend trying this at home. Easier said than done, but if you can just stay with the intention, you are well on your way.

Glad you could visit.  Come again.

xo Namaste

Katie does her best Down Dog on stage after hours at a music club in Downtown Dublin, 2009

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