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Construction Haiku

So it all started when I noticed on FaceBook some gal friends sharing Haiku every now and then in their status updates.  Singer Chaney Sims shares lines like:

43. my skin feels naked / bald and raw as a new egg / with no brooding hen #365 #haiku, C. Sims

Love it.  I enquired about this Haiku Club – What did I have to do to become a member?  And oh yeah, What’s the Syllabic Arrangement again???  She encouraged me to try my own: “5-7-5.  ain’t no joke!”

Let the construction begin:


I put on my proverbial Haiku Hard hat and got to work:

Transformation day
One. I am muscle, hammer,
Nail. Building my life.

Haiku #1, K. Elevitch


It felt good to birth that first 17 syllable baby.  There’s freedom in discipline.

Having one’s house torn up from the inside out inspires a lot of imagery for writing material.  And its true what Chaney says – it “ain’t no joke” – there’s something powerful and seriously hardcore truth telling about trying to find your inner life/outer reality expressed in such concise, restricted structure.

I think that’s why I love photography.  The frame caught lives in such a short moment of time, but becomes timeless in the act of catching it.  Writing the Haiku feels like I’m creating that timeless moment.

What would your Haiku be for my current front yard centerpiece?


I try to make my Haiku make sense, (beginning, middle, end?  Place/Time/Feeling?) but sometimes its true, they seem like odd non-sequiturs.  And maybe that’s OK.

refrigerate haiku

At least now the Fridge Pic has its own poem.

My fellow Rock and Roll Yogi Shelley Nicole is also on the Haiku Bandwagon:

The songs in my heart
Keep singing. Now if they would 
Only reach my hands…

Haiku #24, S. Nicole

A mantra for artists everywhere.

Piano Hands

The other day, I finally started to work on a new song, after what felt like an endless amount of time post-Sandy.  The piano was the only thing still in this room when I began writing it:

Skylight Storm

Sometimes being displaced, and hit in the head (literally) can open us up to some new creative flow.

The roof is ripped off
Shingles, beams, insulation
The sky is my crown

Haiku #2, K. Elevitch

And it really did feel that way.  Liberating.  Deconstruction has its moments.

Chaney was inspired to do daily Haiku (I’m not on the daily kick quite yet, but give it time!) by The Haiku Project.  A FB/Twitter Feed of original daily Haiku written by – ?  I don’t know if the author has publicly shared her name?  Let me know if you know…

She posts with gorgeous images paired with the poems on her tumblr site.  I recommend visiting it.

Here’s my latest haiku – from this AM, resuming my meditation practice after a week of running around with a tape measure and overalls and making decisions on window placement:

Sit on zafu, breathe.
Power tool buzz, boot stomp, crash.
Reality births.

Haiku #3, K. Elevitch

Sandy birthed poetry – and the realization that in order to find peace during mindfulness sitting mediation – or in life – it doesn’t need to be quiet.  Sometimes the sudden, traumatic, and ongoing stress of life can yield unexpected moments of clarity, beauty and acceptance.

For those gifts I am truly grateful.

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